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Repairing, Upgrading and Maintenance of CNC Machine

Regular maintenance


– Based on the manufacturer’s specifications and usage status. Mandatory replacement of machine tools and parts on a fixed schedule.

– This is a standard maintenance method, applied in factories with maintenance workshops.


Repair and maintenance after defection or broken


– Use the machine until broken, only simple maintenance such as repair, oil change, repair and repair, repair the machine after repair.

– Usually applied in small production facilities.

– In the long run, this is the most expensive maintenance method.


Maintenance by machine status:


– Permanent control (online), or periodically to determine the status of the machine. Only plan the machine to stop the tolerance (for example, eccentricity or imbalance), or to replace and repair it after correct diagnosis of the machine condition before the machine is damaged.

– Uses sofware to maintain CMMS maintenance.

– There are independent companies specializing in anti-vibration monitoring and treatment.

– This is the optimal method, usually applied in factories that require high machine safety and continuous operation 24 / 24h such as chemicals, electricity, cement etc.

Benefits of mechanical maintenance

– Increase the availability of machinery – equipment.

– Reduce downtime.

– Reduce production costs.

– Enhance productivity.

– Increased reliability and maintainability.

– Reduce maintenance costs.

– Increased safety.

– Increased planned maintenance capabilities.


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