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3D PRINTING SERVICES – Supports 3D printing

ViHoth provide 3D Printing services (polyme) for precision mechanical products and other products according to customers’ requirements.

3D Printing Services

With Sindoh 3D printer, the first Korean brand and the Third Brand in the global, ViHoth provide to the customer high quality, smooth, beautiful, accurate printing products. Proud of a leader in the field of 3D design, simulation solutions and 10-years experience in the field of mechanical engineering, industry, ViHoth provides 3D printing services with the desire to help customers: Fast, Economic Price, Comfortable.


Printers are used for printing service: 3D Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 and 3D Sindoh 3DWOX 2X


Some zig models are printed by Sindoh 3D printer technology - Korea's number one brand


Dragons - 3D prints from 3D printer Sindoh DP200
Mẫu bình hoa phối màu theo công nghệ in 3D Sindoh
3D Sindoh


Image 1: Some templates of zig printed by Sindoh 3D Printers

Image 2: A Dragon is printed by Sindoh 3D Printer DP 200

Image 3: Delicate vases are printed by Sindoh 3D Printer DP 200


Why choose ViHoth’s 3D Printing Services?

If your company are not usually need 3D printing, instead of buying 3D printers, let look at for a provider about 3D Printing services.

ViHoth support the customer with these services:

  • Printing 3D models of mechanical, industrial, zig…
  • Printing 3D models of medical and dental.
  • Printing the pattern according to the customer’s requirement

Equipment for 3D printing services

– The 3DWOX DP200 printer has the largest print size of the model is 200 x 185 x 200mm

– The 3DWOX 2X printer has a maximum print size of 228 x 200 x 300 mm, can print with two colors simultaneously.

– Sindoh genuine print materials are natural, environmentally, completely safe for users. Get beautiful 3D print products that customers directly experience.

– Technical proficiency in 3D printing software running on other software platforms. In particular, we highly use the 3D printing software is integrated on SOLIDWORKS to easily edit the 3D printing before printing.

With more than 10 years of experience and co-operation with businesses, we make in our minds on the best products for the customers.




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