Working time: 8:00 AM - 17:30 PM


Let’s temporarily forget the image of the workshop, the computer screen, drawings, symbols and numbers … to drop in the green air, sip the taste of juice, coffee, in moments Relax with the great music at Trixie, and be the first to discover the most advanced techniques of your SOLIDWORKS!




The SOLIDWORKS software solution, which provides total support for the process from design to production, to digitizing of enterprise technical databases, is becoming a new arm for engineers to solve. Make the workload bigger, more complex.


Come to SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day and join us to discover how the world’s leading manufacturers are adopting SOLIDWORKS ‘overall solutions for manufacturing 4.0. ViHoth, SOLIDWORKS and partners can work with your team to develop tailored technical solutions to solve the challenges of new manufacturing.


What’s new at SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 – Ho Chi Minh City – 12.10.2018?


SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day (SWID) is a major annual event for SOLIDWORKS, partners and the SOLIDWORKS user community in more than 80 countries around the world. Innovative technology activities of SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day always bring creative inspiration and innovative, dynamic atmosphere for engineers and industrial designers.


SOLIDWORKS INNOVATION DAY 2019 – “Proven Design to Manufacture Solution”


Time: 13h30 – 17h00, 27th October 2018


Location: Trixie, 165 Thai Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi




With the theme of gratitude to customers and gratitude to the engineers and employees who have played a vital role in building and renovating the country’s industry, SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day held by ViHoth Corporation this year will Bring participants to an exciting journey of discovery.


Trixie’s lush, romantic and luxurious ambience in the heart of Hanoi will give participants the feeling of being in a completely different world.


Join the SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 with ViHoth, you will be exploring the exciting information corner, just as comfortable gathering in offline meeting with people who love SOLIDWORKS.


Sip a glass of juice or tea while updating new technical information on SOLIDWORKS solutions that will assist you and your business in addressing the challenges of the 4.0 industry. And at other times, you can relax yourself while enjoying the music and you can also quickly sing along to the singer on the “Song with SOLIDWORKS”.


With an exciting and unforgettable journey that ViHoth brings to SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day, our team is also working hard to provide new, hot, useful and valuable information to our customers. New features, new solutions SOLIDWORKS meet the new development trend of the industry.