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SolidPlant design solution for Pipe Mills

Based in the Netherlands, SolidPlant is a developer in the field of piping and plant design solution. We are dedicated to developing solutions that integrate with SOLIDWORKS®.

SolidPlant offers a complete 3D software package that works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS. The add-in provides engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive engineering software solutions.

About SolidPlant solution Details

SolidPlant is a sophisticated plant design solution for SOLIDWORKS. SolidPlant 3D contains a very large set of manufacturer catalogs of pipe components, pumps, valves, gaskets, etc. driven by a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database that allows specifications to be picked/created. Routing is then done on the basis of these specifications. In addition, SolidPlant also includes equipment model and structure templates to put a profile and area in which routing will take place. SolidPlant also has an automatic isometrics drawings generator.


Comprehensive catalog list


Specification creator

Automated piping/ routing

Equipment/ structural design


No need to use other specification

Common workflow for piping design(ers)

No margin for error, sustainable to large projects

No need for third-party software

SolidPlant solutions

SolidPlant P&ID

Easy to use and powerful P&ID drawing tools from SolidPlant are the best in its class of P&ID software available today. With hardly any additional training required, you will be able to instantly use SolidPlant P&ID, the same way you use your existing CAD package every day. Not only do we offer a full library of P&ID symbols, we put a high level of intelligence in your drawing. Bi-direction with SolidPlant3D will make your design workflow much smoother and more accurate.

SolidPlant P&ID will make sure your P&ID drawing is intelligent and connected.

Block Assembly

In SolidPlant P&ID it’s very easy to save your assemblies into the database and replace them in any of your drawings at any time. Whenever you’re working on a project that has a lot of identical assemblies, this feature will save you many hours. With the function ‘Block Assembly’ you can replace a saved assembly as many times as you want. After placing the assemblies, you can assign the tags. The system detects the existing tags and will suggest the next tag in sequential order. As all the data is copied, like the size of the components, only the tags need to be updated. Watch Video

Object Attachment

In SolidPlant P&ID, it’s possible to attach supporting documents to your drawing. With the ‘Attach Object’ function, you can attach an object to any part of your drawing. Whether it’s equipment, a valve, fittings, nozzles, anything is possible. You can attach a wide array of files to your drawing. For example an excel file of a status list, a jpg of a 3D model, a 2D drawing in pdf format, any document that you require. Watch Video

Off-page Link

Whenever you’re working on a big project and your process lines are spread over multiple sheets, SolidPlant P&ID is able to connect them by using off-page connectors. The connectors make sure that the tag data of the outgoing lines will be the same as the incoming lines in the next sheets. Connecting drawings can also be opened directly from the off-page connector. SolidPlant P&ID will make sure your project stays connected. Watch Video

Import Custom Symbols

SolidPlant P&ID allows for a high degree of customization, as we understand that every industry has its own standards. To make this easier, in SolidPlant P&ID you only have to make a custom symbol once to be able to use it in all your projects. It’s really easy to import custom made symbols from one project into another. Every custom symbol is made intelligent like all other standard symbols, meaning that when you attach a process line, a nozzle is automatically placed. Watch Video

Customized Annotation

To cater the need of any user who wishes his own style of annotations, SolidPlant P&ID has made it very easy to make your own customized annotations and place them in the drawing. You can create any number of customized fields for equipment, fittings, lines, etc.

Different options for text size, fonts, colors and orientation will help you to quickly identify the properties of the items in your drawing. Saved annotations can be changed even after creation and will update all previously placed.

SolidPlant 3D

The one and only truly specification-driven plant design software for Solidworks. SolidPlant has brought the best 3D MCAD capability into today’s world of plant design. Sophisticated, state of the art new features will help you produce 3D models and all related production documents fast and easily. Work with highly accurate dimensions from SolidPlant’s vast piping specification database to prevent any mistakes on the bill of materials and other output documents.

SolidWorks+SolidPlant3D = Perfect match for plant design engineers.

What’s New SolidPlant 3D 2018 Release Note

New User Interface

In this release, SolidPlant introduces a revamped user interface. To optimize user-friendliness and recognizability, we have styled our user interface in such a way that it is now fully in line with that of SolidWorks. SolidWorks users will feel even more familiar with SolidPlant, as the interface is now so similar to the platform they know best.

Jacketed Piping

SolidPlant 2018 gives the user the possibility to use jacketed pipes. Jacketed piping is commonly used to convey very viscous process fluids in an inner pipe, heated by steam/hot water/hot oil or other heating medium between the jacket and core pipe. With this feature, users will have more freedom to design piping systems for the most diverse kinds of projects.

Bar Nesting

In this year’s version, SolidPlant includes a useful tool for bar nesting. The pipe cut list can be imported into the nesting tool, which will optimize the cut of the stocks into the desired lengths. This procedure will minimize the waste of materials and thus reduce costs.

3D Real Isometric

Beside the industry standard isometric drawings by Isogen that is already included in the software, SolidPlant 2018 additionally offers the possibility to generate 3D isometric drawings. More realistic looking drawings with SolidPlant 3D 2018.

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