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Some typical CNC milling centers

SMEC SL 1500/2000 SERIES

6’’-8’’ Horizontal Center

High accuracy, High rigidity Spindle

Head assembly with radiator fins to minimize thermal expansion

The radiator-fin structure of head assembly minimizes thermal expansion of the spindle, preventing loss of precision due to increasing temperature. Also, thermal expansion is minimized with the synmetric design.

Eliminate chief factor of field service by changing spindle orientation sensor!

Change spindle orientation sensor from position encoder to Bri sensor, there is no need timing belt and realizing high accuracy of rotation sensor, eliminating field service.

Spindle & Headstock

The Spindle and Headstock are machined and ground in temperature controlled enviroment and assemblied in clean room.

Precision double row cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings are located at the front of the spindle, and a double row of cylindrical roller bearings is located in the rear to ensure heavy cutting capabilities with precision.


SL 1500/1500M

SL 1500/2000M

Strongest in class with superb strutural design

Simultaneous heavy duty and precision turning

  • 45 degree torque tube type bed to support heavy duty turning
  • Significantly reduced non-cutting time and efficient turning
  • SERVO TURRET for performance improvement
  • Low-center of gravity reducing vibration, thermal deformation and improving rigidity

SL 1500/2000M High Speed, Servo index turret

Indexing Time 0.15 Sec

Number of tool positions: 12 stations

Non-cutting time significantly reduced with installation of High speed turret with 0.15 Sec indexing Time

A 0.14 second 1 station indexing time is made possible by employing the Nonstop Random index method using SMEC developed high-power Servo Index Motor. The Φ 160mm larger diameter Cuvic Coupling significantly improves the clamping power and indexing precision.

SL 1500M/2000M High Speed Servo Turret (Tool Holder BMT55)

SL 1500M/2000M is equipment with standard 12-station BMT55 turret capable of accepting rotary tools at any station, providing flexible machining thru various machining operations in just one set-up. Each BMT holder is securely tightened by 4 screws, allowing the turret to perform heavy-duty cutting, milling and drilling operations. Turret indexing is non-stop, bi-directional with a fast 0.15 second next station index time.

Easier HYD Valve Control

The gauge and control valve for HYD valve is raised to the operator’s height making maintenance easier.

Easier Coolant Tank Cleaning

Cleaning the coolant is made easier with a coolant tank that can be removed while leaving the chip conveyor bolted to the machine.

Travel X/Y/Z ; Hành trình X/Y/Z Mm 1250/540/520
Distance from table top to spindle nose ; Khoảng cách bàn máy đến đầu trục chính Mm 130-650
Loading capacity; Tải trọng Kg 800
Spindle Speed; Tốc độ trục chính Min-1 12,000 ; 10,000 ;  8,000
Spindle Motor; Động cơ trục chính (30min/cont) kW 18.5(15min)/11 ; 15(30min)/11
Max spindle torque; Momen xoắn cực đại N.m 141/117.8/95.5/70.1
Tools Shank; Kiểu dao BT40
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z); Bước tiến m/min 30/30/30
Tool Change Time; Thời gian thay dao Sec 1.3
Magazine Capacity; Số dao trên đài gá EA 30
Floor Space (LxWxH); Diện tích (LxWxH) Mm 3,590×3,550×2884
Machine Weight Kg 7,000
Controller Fanuc

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