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SOLIDWORKS PCB —powered by Altium®— is a mechatronics/electronics design solution that provides the best in PCB design technology with an integrated electro-mechanical collaboration solution.



SOLIDWORKS PCB delivers a powerful design solution that unites the electrical (ECAD) and mechanical (MCAD) worlds by facilitating streamlined collaboration between the two. Engineered specifically for collaboration with SolidWorks®, an electrical designer can export changes to the board design that are needed (and of value) by the mechanical designer. Conversely, the mechanical designer can float change proposals back to the electrical designer, who can then import those changes back into their design. Ultimately, this level of collaboration and integration brings harmony to the overall design process – a process that while traversing these two distinct parallel paths, ultimately delivers a single product to market.


SOLIDWORKS PCB design technology with an integrated electro-mechanical collaboration solution.
SOLIDWORKS PCB design technology with an integrated electro-mechanical collaboration solution.

And from the PCB design perspective, SOLIDWORKS PCB meets all of your expectations. With a streamlined interface built atop a powerful PCB Design engine, it provides the tools necessary to capture and layout your boards, and produce the manufacturing data with which to turn your ideas into physical reality. And all from within a single, powerful-yet-intuitive, unified design environment.



SOLIDWORKS® PCB enables the productivity you need to design Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) quickly along with unique, collaboration between electrical and 3D mechanical design teams. It offers a clear advantage where ECAD-MCAD collaboration is critical for overall success of electronic product design.


SOLIDWORKS PCB Collaboration

A professional PCB design tool capable of meeting the demands of today’s products, which allows you to develop the most efficient schematics for your board layouts.


Integration of PCB design seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS CAD, with a managed ECO change process and distinct workflows to keep you at your most productive.



The new SOLIDWORKS PCB powered by altium design tool combines the power and usability of Altium with the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS to unite the “electronic” and mechanical worlds, one design at a time.


ECAD-MCAD Project Collaboration Server

Achieve unmatched ECAD-MCAD integration and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS® by unifying data and pushing changes to both sides of the design project.


Managed ECAD-MCAD ECO Process

Manage changes to board shape, component placement, mounting holes, keepouts and cutouts in both SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS through managed Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), no matter where the change initiated.


Output PCB Copper Geometries

Open board designs in SOLIDWORKS with all copper information making it possible to take advantage of advanced analysis such as thermal and vibration simulation.


Streamlined Interface

The SOLIDWORKS PCB interface is designed for streamlined productivity and ease-of-use. Enjoy a modern interface with easy to navigate options to get your PCB designs done quickly and efficiently.


Library Management

Combine and manage your schematic and PCB component libraries together in a single location. Re-use components that you know and trust from successful past projects.


Supplier Links

Make immediate decisions on pricing and availability of components to meet your budget and deadlines. Search your preferred supplier databases within SOLIDWORKS PCB and link solutions directly to components in your design.


Version Control

Gain greater clarity and control over changes made to your design in all phases, from schematic capture to board layout.


Seamless integration

Open native SOLIDWORKS files in SOLIDWORKS PCB, and open PCB files in SOLIDWORKS. Imported mechanical models are accurate and retain your original design information.


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