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Let's temporarily forget the image of the workshop the computer screen drawings symbols and numbers ... to drop in the green air sip the taste of juice coffee in moments Relax with...

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Beta is live! Take part in the beta testing

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 Beta ViHoth Corporation

ViHoth Corporation represent SolidCAM as the leading Integrated CAM software in MTA VIETNAM 2018.

How can you design Smart Homes, Smart Cities on SOLIDWORKS?

Ứng dụng học kỹ thuật cho trẻ em tại ngày hội STEM 2018

Khuyến mãi đến 25% gói phần mềm mô phỏng cơ khí SOLIDWORKS và máy in 3D Sindoh

Triển lãm quốc tế về thiết kế 3D, công nghệ in và sản xuất phụ trợ 6 – 8/6/2018

Tuyển đại lý phân phối bản quyền phần mềm GstarCAD chính sách tốt

SolidPlant design solution for Pipe Mills



First launched in Ho Chi Minh City in 2005 MTA VIETNAM has since grown in tandem with the industry becoming one of the largest and...


Use SOLIDWORKS to design the world's first smart electric guitar

Every music and guitar lover has faced one or more of these challenges. Not able to jam when they travel simply because they can’t carry their favorite instrument and the necessary equipment Have limited time but it takes time to set up and tune instruments or meeting a fellow musician but unable to jam together because one of you doesn’t have all their equipment Wanting to...

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How to model the Russia 2018 World Cup Football in SOLIDWORKS

The World Cup is here again! The geometry of the football itself is always a little interesting. What panels make up the surface? Looking at the ball closely I could see that it was one shape tessellated 6 times - a weird cube as it were. So how can we model this up in SOLIDWORKS? Will we need complex surface tools? Weird lofts? No! We use...

VIHOTH Video Introduction

What's New Features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018
New features in SOLIDWORKS 2018 - Assembly
New improvements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 Drawings

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